Medical Courier

Time and chain of custody are critical elements for Medical Courier Deliveries. That is why ProMessenger Carolinas can move specimens, medical supplies, and medical reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide specialized medical delivery service for transplant organs, surgical procedures and surgical equipment.

ProMessenger Carolinas ensures verification and confidentiality when transporting all sensitive medical documents. We ensure prompt return of Proof of Delivery documents. Our customer base includes hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, physician offices, pharmacies, and other medical professionals.

ProMessenger Carolinas Medical Delivery Service includes:

  • Emergency and STAT service for specimens, equipment, and critical medical documents.
  • Scheduled routing for hospitals, medical offices, and multi-site locations.
  • Scheduled routes and on-demand service for pharmaceutical deliveries and transfers.

Take your medical deleivery to the next level with ProMessenger!

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