Air Courier & Cargo

ProMessenger Carolinas drivers are TSA certified and can tender and retrieve cargo for all Indirect Air Carriers (IAC) from commercial airlines cargo facilities or counter to counter shipments. We can also tender or retrieve cargo from private air carriers for expedited shipments. ProMessenger Carolinas is knowledgeable regarding lock out times and weight and size restrictions for all commercial airlines, minimizing any delays associated with tendering air freight. Because our drivers are TSA certified they have the necessary security clearance to deliver directly to the air-freight facilities. ProMessenger can help you avoid delays in your workflow and ensure that goods get picked up and transported on time every time.

ProMessenger Carolinas uses a variety of vehicle sizes to accommodate most air freight shipments. Our drivers are trained to complete airway bills as well as other required paperwork for air cargo shipments.

ProMessenger Carolinas can also furnish onboard couriers to hand deliver critical shipments which offers the utmost security and accountability for your shipments. From pick-up to final delivery, a dedicated courier carries your shipment onto a commercial airline as carry-on luggage, maintaining full personal control.

Take your air courier & cargo services to the next level with ProMessenger!

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